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elyce monet

Elyce Monet – “Success means being in integrity with yourself and others.  Without integrity, you’ve got nothing! The accumulation of wealth and the ability to make a difference can only be sustained when personal and professional integrity is present and consistent.”

President of Connect The Dots Consulting, Inc., Elyce Monet has had the privilege of working with many prominent and influential people.  Her clients are carefully selected on the basis of personal and professional integrity and their willingness to grow and change.  Elyce has an ability to relate to her peers as equals, reflect back their goodness and special gifts, and help manifest them in a concrete way. 

Her passion for life has always revolved around children, the arts, medicine and spirituality.  She has worn many hats, including teacher, singer, mother, wife, healer, counselor, director, producer, playwright, songwriter, business consultant, entrepreneur and visionary. 

In the 1980s, she founded Parangello Players Center For The Performing Arts, a non-profit theater and arts center.  She was awarded several coveted and prestigious awards by the Clark County Arts Council for her work in the community.  Her arts school boasted 16 instructors teaching acting, modeling, art, dance, vocals, stage production, musical theater, and speaking arts. Her theater company produced 3 to 4 plays per year, and these musical productions hosted audiences of up to 6,000 per run.  Elyce also created and ran a program for youth at risk in Portland, Oregon.  She is currently designing a youth program for California schools called “Free to Be Me-A Youth Program” in conjunction with Dr. Ray Blanchard, Ph.D. and Thrive Consulting Group.

In 1993, Elyce pioneered the first program in the U.S. linking alternative practitioners with medical doctors on staff through a hospital system.  “Partners In Health” paved the way for a new paradigm in medicine, where all types of medical practitioners worked together for the benefit of the patient.  Over 450 alternative practitioners were members of the program.

In 1995, Elyce won several awards a professional vocalist including “Female Entertainer of The Year-Rising Star”, “Songwriter of The Year” by CMAA Las Vegas.  Additionally in 1996, she founded and became the executive director of two state music organizations and received the Trailblazer award by Airplay International Magazine for leadership in the music industry.  Positively Entertainment Magazine touted her vocals on her Swing Jazz CD as “pristine…  sounding like Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys at that unforgettable Christmas gig.”

In 1999, Elyce began a career in broadcasting, and for more than 8 years was the #1 Certified Radio Marketing Consultant at KRLA AM 870 in Los Angeles, California.  She was the recipient of many awards, including five consecutive years for sales exceeding a million dollars.  She also received the difficult Salem Communications President’s Club Award three years in a row.  She was able to utilize her writing skills, singing skills, marketing skills and intuitive skills with her clients.  She was always described as operating “outside the box.”

During her years in broadcasting, Elyce underwent a personal spiritual transformation, after seeing that in spite of all she had accomplished, she was unhappy.  Her search for truth took her on a spiritual journey that included giving up all that she had worked for in this life in order to enter a completely different paradigm.  It was complete surrender to God… a relinquishing of control.  She has learned that very few are willing to walk that path.  It requires much, but the benefits are more than one could dream possible.  Elyce has found her true authentic self and sees the brilliance of God’s creation.  She has agreed to let go of ego attachments (an ongoing task) and choose love over right and wrong.  The key for Elyce was learning to love herself   She became a more compassionate, non-judgmental human being, and opened to her unique spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  She is now a transformational coach to many, helping others find this place of ease, creation, manifestation and happiness both personally and professionally.

Connect The Dots Consulting, Inc. was created to bring about transformation in the world by utilizing her unique skills and gifts.  In 2007, she produced a motivational seminar called “Keeping It Real:  The Key To Health & Happiness” featuring Dennis Prager, Mariel Hemingway and Robert Ferguson.  It was billed as “Motivational Speaking meets Cirque du Soleil and Dancing with the Stars”.  It was a one-of-a-kind presentation and raised the bar for mind-body-spirit seminars in Los Angeles. It was proudly sponsored by Gaiam International and Sweet Leaf Stevia.

Elyce is now working with Voices of Women Worldwide (VOWW) and other prominent global leaders and organizations interested in changing the current reality.  Just think what can be accomplished when we work together toward positive global upliftment, empowerment and change!