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The statistics today for YOUTH RELATED homicide, aggravated assault, attacks on Police Officers, rape, robbery, carjacking, shootings and other crimes are STAGGERING!

What does this tell us about our youth?
THEY’RE ANGRY. They’re operating in SURVIVAL mode, and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to gain power and control over their environment.  What happened? As a nation, we’ve spent millions of dollars on our youth to get them to “Say No to Drugs” and on gang programs, but the problem still escalates. So far, nothing has really worked.

We believe that it’s simply time to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

“FREE TO BE ME-A Youth Program™”, and was developed with input from some of the most prominent lifestyle trainers in the world, including Dr. Ray Blanchard, Ph.D. a psychologist and global Master Trainer. “FREE TO BE ME-A Youth Program” was created by Tony Valenzuela, Alex Urbina, Caroline Carr, Elyce Monet, and Freddie Ravel with Dr. Blanchard’s assistance. These key leaders comprise the management team, each having dedicated his/her life to helping people transform for the better. They represent decades of experience that has culminated in a new way to help our youth, and pilot programs have yielded phenomenal results

This is a 3-phase, six month program that helps youth open up to relating to themselves and others differently as a result of the work with a trainer, coaches and through the program’s experiential exercises. It’s deep. It makes them aware of what they are thinking and doing, who they are being, and gives them an opportunity to make higher choices in their lives. This program encourages the releasing of residual trauma and promotes forgiveness of self and others. It encourages self empowerment and personal responsibility that propels individuals toward their life’s dreams. If a teenager sees themselves as capable of completing something valuable in the future, they will treat their present circumstances differently.


Phase I includes a 2 Day Intensive and a “Tune Up To Success”®  (make this a link to www.tuneuptosuccess.com) school-wide concert-style assembly with Grammy Nominee and Motivational Maestro, Freddie Ravel.


Phases 2 includes ongoing coaching twice a month for three months.  We realize old patterns are hard to change, and that ongoing support is long-term success.  That’s why professionals who understand the philosophy and reality of these changes must be present to support the youth until they can hold the changes on their own.  We provide that professional support.


Phase 3 is a 3 month leadership program designed for students who have excelled and wish to become leaders of projects in their school. They will mentor other youth just by being who they are and engaging in their passion.


If you have an interest in bringing our program to your school or organization, contact us today at